NEO DANIFFS - 50% Neapolitan Mastiff 50% Great Dane

Welcome to the Neo Daniffs site, Our puppies are 50% Neapolitan Mastiff and 50% Great Dane.

We love big dogs, but we know the responsability that this represents, they need basic training because you won't be able to control over 135 pounds when they become adults.  

Our male, Apolo is a black Great Dane with white chest (born Feb-2009), he takes care of the family, he barks when strangers approache the house, but he is very gentle with kids and the whole family.


Our female, Tonka is a Neapolitan Mastiff (born Feb-2011), She is the leader, she doesn’t bark much but when Apolo is not close, she takes care of the strangers.

To learn more about daniffs visit our friends web site